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Littleton, CO 80123

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President & Principal Scientist,

David R. Lenorovitz, PhD, CPE
Board Certified Professional Ergonomist

Ergonomic Consulting
Forensic Human Factors
Expert Witness Testimony

  • Safety & Hazard Analysis
  • Warnings Systems and Labels
  • User-System Interaction (USI) Analysis
  • Computer-Human Interface Design

Human Factors / Ergonomics (HF/E)

The interdisciplinary science concerned with the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of any type of system with which a human being interacts in order to perform some task or accomplish some objective – usually with the purposes of making the user-system-interaction safer, more efficient, more productive, more cost effective, and/or less error prone.

...More people-friendly systems through the application of science and technology...

...Scientifically researching and developing knowledge about the ways in which people function and perform – i.e., the capabilities and limitations they bring to a task – and then applying that information to develop, correct, or improve the systems that they must use...

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